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Cindy Johnson - Designer Goldsmith

McBurney Park Pewter Ornament

McBurney Park Pewter Ornament

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Central planter and war memorial in McBurney (Skeleton) Park (palm sized, single-sided oval, die-cast pewter)

In 1965 this park was named McBurney, after the Principal of Central Public School, but it is often referred to as Skeleton Park due to its lore and history. The land was used as a cemetery in the early 1800s and closed at capacity in 1864 due to many epidemics that hit Kingston, Ontario.  It was converted into parkland in the 1890s.

The nature of Skeleton Park now fills with kids and families everyday, and hosts many community events and musical parades thoughtout the year. The free Skeleton Park Arts Festival (SPAF) happens here every summer. It is our favourite event of the year! Look for us there.

If you missed us at the Fat Goose fair this year, find us at the Holiday Market, Girls’ Night Out, or at the Queen’s University campus bookstore. Or have this gift wrapped and delivered to you, in time for gift giving!

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