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Cindy Johnson - Designer Goldsmith

Martello Tower Charm

Martello Tower Charm

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Miniature Martello Tower cast in sterling silver and embossed with the word Kingston, approx. 3/4 inch high by 1/2 inch. Ready to be hung on a chain.

These iconic elements of the Kingston, Ontario, landscape were errected as small defensive forts built across the British Empire during the 19th century. Today part of Kingston's UNESCO World Heritage Site, the real towers made of limestone blocks with red roofs stand up to 12 metres high, dotting the city's waterfront. You can visit the one near Queen's University campus that is now a museum.

This is an ornament I created for a local youth entrepreneurship organization. They were celebrating their 25th anniversary as an organization and needed a small memento to mark the occasion. For this piece, I started in wax, and slowly etched away the edges by hand. The wax was then cast in metal and then poured into a pewter mould. This process is highly economical for the client, and because the metal retains all the tool marks that I made by hand, the result is very beautiful and unique. Ask about a bespoke ornament for your fundraising!

Also available in gold or other metals by custom order.

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