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Cindy Johnson - Designer Goldsmith

Mistletoe 2012

Mistletoe 2012

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Sprig of mistletoe with leaves and berries hand carved then die-cast in pewter (small-palm sized, single-sided)

The design idea for this holiday ornament also came from childhood memories. I recall my sister and I taking turns running around the house with the mistletoe, trying to get anyone and everyone to kiss. I didn’t know the lore behind this tradition so I researched and included it in the box with the ornament. I also sold a version that came with a small bag of chocolate kisses with the mistletoe. I think it’s important to take a minute out of your business to stop and embrace a loved one and give ’em a smooch once in awhile. I hope this year’s ornament inspired a lot of people to do just that. MUAH!

If you missed us at the Fat Goose fair this year, find us at the Holiday Market, Girls’ Night Out, or at the Queen’s University campus bookstore. Or have this gift wrapped and delivered to you, in time for gift giving!

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