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Cindy Johnson - Designer Goldsmith

Extending an Olive Branch

Extending an Olive Branch

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The olive branch is a universal symbol of PEACE and coming together. A beautiful sign of recognizing everyone’s value regardless of beliefs, persuasions or opinions. This design came about in 2021, after having endured two of the most challenging years for our generation. Some have suffered the loss of loved ones, loss of livelihoods and health.

This year’s design represents our hope to safely REACH OUT and reunite with our friends, families and communities.

May this New Year bring us back together again in PEACE, HEALTH and HARMONY.

(palm sized, single-sided die-cast pewter)

If you missed us at the Fat Goose fair this year, find us at the Holiday Market, Girls’ Night Out, or at the Queen’s University campus bookstore. Or have this gift wrapped and delivered to you, in time for gift giving!

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